Financial Director – Part-time roles

Prior to founding his accountancy firm, Michael originally trained with a large London firm of accountants, and then moved into industry with over 20 years experiences as the Financial Director of fast- growing family owned businesses, ranging in turnover from £ 0.5m to £ 30m.

With this knowledge and experience, he is delighted to share his advice and guidance as a financial director on a part time, interim or full- time board director with local businesses.

Our Financial Director Solutions service can be provided in conjunction with our compliance service or as a stand-alone service.

Our aim is to provide clients with quality financial information and strategic direction that can help owners and senior management make the best decisions for their businesses.

This proactive high-level value adding involvement can be provided from as little as a few hours a month to several days a month depending on the business’s needs.

Bagborough Accountancy can provide you with expert advice and guidance tailored to your needs and at competitive rates.

We have a proven record of delivering exceptional value to clients, improving their net profits by working with the owners, directors and the senior management of businesses, specialising in:

  • Setting up businesses and guiding them through all stages of their development
  • Perfecting Business Models
  • Setting essential Management Reporting and meaningful KPIs
  • Cash Management, including cash flows, raising funds and investor relationships
  • Growth Strategies and Profit Maximisation
  • Minimising Tax
  • Liaising with investors and professional advisors

We now offer our very popular, “Virtual FD Solutions” option, using zoom conferencing saving travel time and costs, but still being able to discuss “face to face” issues that may arise.

We thrive on working closely with our clients, sharing visions and helping to guide businesses through challenging conditions.

Michael January, FCA is the primary contact, with Bagborough Accountancy having a network of experienced  qualified part-time/ portfolio Financial Directors throughout the South West to assist you with all your requirements.

We are here to help you with your strategic planning and direction.

Your success is our satisfaction.

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